Kerns & Cairns


Selected writing

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Where I write about type.

Women’s Voices, On- and Offstage
A four-part series highlighting women’s experiences with sexism in the typeface industry.

Hipster Script review
This typeface review was more about putting my cat into a meme than anything else.

A Haiku Homage to 2014
Poetic zensai for the annual typeface reviews.

Smidgen review
Short, but sweet.



Where I also write about type.

Dyana Loves Garbage
One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Part of the Love Letters series.

Observing things coming full-circle.
Part of the Remember December series.

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Where I write about travel and hiking.

Knowing my Fate was to be With You
From a series of emails/travel diaries during a trip to Scandinavia in 2006

Mt. Washington Hike
Hiking with my father on his 70th birthday to the home of the world’s worst weather.

Tre Cime Hike
Honeymoon hike in the Dolomites in northern Italy. Featuring clouds, caves, and cairns.

Laguna de los Tres Hike
The most painful and most beautiful hike.

The Boston Massnowcre
Chronicling the 2014-15 winter in Boston, when we got over 90 inches of snow in three weeks, and none of it melted.